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This Week in Canadian EdTech MindShareTV: Official Launch 14th Canadian Shools of the Future Student Innovation Challenge. A Conversation with past Winners, Educators Kamala Rambaran & Zelia Capitao-Tavares, McMurrich Public School (TDSB) on their Inspiration, Student Impact & Tips to Enter!

Dear Thought Leader, 


Welcome to our 15th Anniversary year of publishing Canada's Learning & Technology eMagazine! 


The inspiration and vision were simply to share the excellence of learning and innovation happening across the Canadian landscape, in an effort to help get beyond pockets of innovation. And with a relentless effort to embrace the growth mindset leveraging the latest tech tools, including podcasts to share inspirational stories from you as education and EdTech leaders. It's heartwarming to still be publishing 15 years later as we strive to make an impact in keeping Canada at the forefront of learning and innovation globally; and thereby 'hopefully' enhancing the lives of all Canadians. Special thanks to my alma mater, Pepperdine University, Masters in Learning Technology, who challenged us to change the world upon graduation. This transformational learning journey at Pepperdine as a mature student partly inspired the MindShare Report!

As I reflect back to our early days of publishing the MindShare Report, SMARTboards were coming of age and Apple's iPad was just released. We've come a long way, yet we still have many challenges when it comes to equity and inclusion, true personalization of learning and making learning real & relatable to students. We're not done yet! 
It's a good segue to the official launch of our 14th Canadian Schools of the Future Student Innovation Challenge! This year we've infused the UN's SDG's challenging students to solve real world problems within their school community. Be sure to check out our featured podcast with last year's winners from McMurrich P.S. for some inspiration and tips on entering. We have BIGGER and better technology prize packages courtesy of our valued sponsors. To date, over $1 Million in prizing has been awarded to K12 publicly funded schools. Teachers qualify to WIN awesome Maker Space tech tools & resources for your School! Contest Deadline: Friday, May 13, 12pm PST. 
In the news this week not to be missed in this issue! Stats Canada releases new data on spending in K12 education; and for the first time in years we witness a drop in funding! Check out our MindShareTV EdTech Company spotlight on Classcraft featuring Shawn Young, CEO. on their inspiration to becoming a "B" Corp. People for Education released their annual report, "A Perfect Storm," offering excellent insight on the COVID impact on Ontario education. We also encourage you to have a read of an inspirational story on how Winnipeg High School students helped a man flee Ukraine using social media and satellite imagery. Launching in April – a free Lighthouse Labs program to teach Canadians data skills.
Special thanks to you, our loyal readership over the course of 15 years, our team, board of advisors and valued partners, who enable us to share and stay connected with you on a weekly basis through our growing community.
How are we doing after 15 years? We love hearing from you and truly appreciate the sharing of news, jobs and welcome your suggestions for MindShareTV podcast guests!  Please do inquire about our strategic marketing and pedagogical EdTech consulting services.
Until next time, stay healthy, stay safe and keep the learning curve steep!
P.S. Join us next Friday, April 1, 12 Noon ET for the next Unboxing EdTech Live Unboxing Wacom Podcast to WIN One! 
Robert Martellacci, M.A. EdTech
President, MindShare Learning Technology™
Chief Digital Publisher, The MindShare Learning Report™
Founder, MindShare Workspace
CEO & Co-founder, C21 Canada™

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Schools of the Future Challenge Winner 2021 
EdTech Industry Spotlight 
This Week in Canadian EdTech MindShareTV Podcast with Shawn Young, Co-Founder & CEO, Class Craft Game on the inspiration for becoming a B Corp and what’s in store for the future
This Week in Canadian EdTech MindShareTV, ICTC_CTIC
 Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Series in Conversation with Kara Kim, Laurier University, Business & Communications students along with Vivian Lee Team Lead for WIL eLearning

 Tweet of the Week  

" While the adults contemplate digital transformation in education, many students have already decided their path forward.
Many educational institutions are in a Kodak film, Blockbuster Video, BlackBerry moment.
Historically, disruptive technologies are combined into disruptive models which eventually reduce the authority of the gatekeeper and disperses that authority to the users of the new technological combinations and models."
--Dwayne Matthews, Head of School, Innovation & Partnerships, OVS | Chief Evangelist, TomorrowNow Learning Lab | Keynote Speaker
Featured Book of the Week 
How to Live a Good Life 
Seriously . . . another book that tells you how to live a good life? Don’t we have enough of those?
You’d think so. Yet, more people than ever are walking through life disconnected, disengaged, dissatisfied, mired in regret, declining health, and a near maniacal state of gut-wrenching autopilot busyness.
Whatever is out there isn’t getting through. We don’t know who to trust. We don’t know what’s real and what’s fantasy. We don’t know how and where to begin and we don’t want to wade through another minute of advice that gives us hope, then saps our time and leaves us empty.
How to Live a Good Life is your antidote; a practical and provocative modern-day manual for the pursuit of a life well lived. No need for blind faith or surrender of intelligence; everything you’ll discover is immediately actionable and subject to validation through your own experience.
International Spotlight
This Week in Canadian EdTech MindShareTV podcast with Dr. Benjamin Freud, Co-Founder, Coconut Thinking on the UNESCO published commentary on the Futures of Education report as part of their IDEAS LAB
Annual Ontario School Survey 2021–22: A perfect storm of stress

K-12 Top News Stories 
1. Launching in April – a free Lighthouse Labs program to teach Canadians data skills
itworldcanada.com, March 16, 2022
Canadian tech education firm Lighthouse Labs yesterday announced it is launching a 21-Day Data Challenge on April 11 to help Canadians develop their data skills.

The free initiative aims to help people of all skill levels build a foundation for data skills by spending just 30 minutes a day working on the challenges. Lighthouse Labs says that the challenge is fun, free, and filled with rewards.
2. New StatsCanada Research, Public and private spending on elementary and secondary schools
150.statcan.gc.ca, March 22, 2022
For the first time in 17 years, total expenditures for elementary and secondary education declined (-1.4%) in 2019/2020 to $78.9 billion. The majority of this spending (94.7%, or $74.7 billion) was directed to public education. Although spending declined across all major categories in public schools, the decrease was mainly attributable to lower spending on instruction and educational services in Ontario and Alberta.
3. Belated but Ambitious, California's 'Cradle-to-Career' Data Hub Taking Shape
newswire.ca, March 7, 2022
It might seem like an odd time to be devoting a lot of energy to create a longitudinal education database for California when the greatest challenge has been just to get students back to class while keeping them and their families Covid-free.

Yet despite the distractions of the past two years, California is ratcheting up work to create a “cradle to career” data system that has been a dream of researchers and advocates for years.
4. School Music Program Aims to Improve Indigenous Representation in Tech
ctvnews.ca, March 20, 2022
A group of Indigenous artists are helping kids learn coding through a school music program aimed at improving Indigenous representation in the Canadian tech workforce.
The new program, called "Your Voice is Power," teaches students coding as they remix songs from Indigenous artists.
Using the EarSketch coding software created by Georgia Tech University, the platform allows students to turn the code into music along with beats and loops provided by the artists.
5. With the Help of Social Media and Satellite Imagery, Winnipeg High School Students Help Man Flee Ukraine 
cbc.ca: March 9, 2022
Karen Robb approached geography class at school where she works to help birth father escape.
The first time Karen Robb heard her birth father's voice, it was over the sounds of machine gun fire and bombs as he spoke to her from his home in Kyiv, Ukraine. "It was two hours of getting to know this person, and then bombing, getting to know this person, and then machine gun fire. It was just one of the more surreal moments of my life."

Post-Secondary Top News 
6. Leading through change: McMaster CTO Gayleen Gray reflects on technology's role in higher education
dailynews.mcmaster.ca: March 15, 2022
Information technology (IT) has taken on a new significance in the last two years. From remote, to now hybrid and in-person learning, teaching, working and researching, the McMaster community has been navigating the ebbs and flows of change and McMaster's IT professionals have been a key factor supporting and enabling the campus to continue its mission. And through it all, national and international organizations have continued to engage with members of the McMaster IT community for their leadership in higher education.

Gayleen Gray, McMaster's assistant vice-president and chief technology officer, has been appointed to the board of directors for EDUCAUSE, a leading international association and community of IT leaders, tech practitioners and professionals advancing higher education.
7. University of Waterloo Orbital Team aims for space with student-built satellite
cbc.ca, March 16, 2022
Students with the University of Waterloo's Orbital team are reaching for the stars, hoping to one day launch their own satellite into space. It's part of the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge, a national competition set to take place next spring. 
The competition challenges teams to build a fully functioning satellite, also known as a CubeSat — tiny satellites constructed from cubes 10 cm (four inches) per side. A satellite built from three cubes would be about the size of a milk carton.
8. These people needed new careers. They found them at coding boot camps

cbc.ca, March 22, 2022
Alejandro Calzadilla, 36, worked as a freelance professional cellist in Quebec City for over a decade, frequently playing with the Quebec Symphony Orchestra and offering cello lessons. 

But when public health restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19 dried up all his work in early 2020, Calzadilla decided it was time to "reinvent" himself. He had been attracted to the technology sector for a while — coding seemed creative, he said — and decided to take the plunge in October 2020 when he began a nine-week intensive web development boot camp with Le Wagon, based in Montreal.
9. Canadian education franchise network Maple Bear to use RO digital platform Kinderpedia
cbc.ca: March 21, 2022
Maple Bear Global Schools, the Canadian bilingual education franchise network, will use the communication and school management software and app Kinderpedia in its network after the two companies entered a partnership. 
The partnership will offer the Maple Bear kindergartens and schools worldwide one unique operating system to integrate all their operational, financial, and educational activities and needs. Kinderpedia integrates tailored functionalities for the planning and monitoring of school operations, class management, progress monitoring, parent communication, and automatizes the invoicing of tuition fees. 
10. Rising tuition, student debt weigh heavily on post-secondary students

cbc.ca: March 14, 2022
Facing ever-rising tuition as well as higher prices for food, housing, and other necessities, post-secondary students in Canada are concerned about the debts that loom after graduation. 

Five students told CBC News about their costs of living and the financial pressures worrying them.
Professional Learning Events 
MindShareTV Unboxing Wacom One by Wacom
April 1, 2022                           
Let's Talk Science Professional Learning: Coffee and a Keynote: Meenoo Rami - Learning online through play, safely
March 26, 2022                           
April 4-6, 2022                           
Cosn 2022
April 11-13, 2022                           
ISTE Live 2022: Empowering Educators. Elevating Equity. 
June 26-29, 2022                           

Parent Resources Corner 

Parent Teaching Resources 
1. Coding Ville
Codingville is a game-based learning platform for introducing the foundational skills and logic around coding. Featuring three unique journeys appropriate for grades K-3, 4-6, and 7+ that give youth the opportunity to learn and apply coding concepts in both block and text based languages. Each journey has a final project in which youth can build a game or app using their new understanding of coding. 
2. Actua Stem Activities 
Parents and educators, we are pleased to offer you free access to STEM activities that you can download and use with your future innovators! Be sure to check back often as we are always adding new content.
3. Start a new quest with Prodigy
This year, turn learning into a quest for more knowledge and fun! Support students' learning like never before and start building habits that stick.

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