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In Honour of Observing National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Dear Thought Leader, 


Join us today in observing September 30th as the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation #OrangeShirtDay. 


We have much to learn and relearn about our country's history. With thanks to our valued partner TakingITGlobal for creating and sharing the excellent resource above Whose Land: Indigenous + Canadian Histories 101.


To respect this day, I will keep my note brief.


19 Days to Go! We will be honouring Indigenous Peoples and how Indigenous students are being supported with digital skills and resources at the 13th Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit -- " Driving Innovation Through Evidence-Based Research," in partnership with McGill University, October 19-20. It's not too late to register! 


I hope you enjoy this week's Top 10 Canadian EdTech Report powered by MindShare Learning. 


Congratulations to Mindshare's Board of Advisors member, Zelia Capitao-Tavares and all recipients of the Prime Minister Award for Teaching Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) 


Feel free to call me directly at 416-569-2106, or drop me an email, if we can be of further support to your organization's innovation transformation, or edtech growth plans through our strategic consulting services and our upcoming Fall EdTech leadership Summit.


Thank you for the inspiration and kind feedback that motivates our team to provide you with mission critical research and insights to optimize your learning and technology strategy as we approach the end of the school year and critical planning for back to school.


Until next time, stay active and keep the digital learning curve steep!
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2nd Annual Fall EdTech Industry Charity Golf Tournament a Success!
In support of GTA school boards as part of the launch of the Canadian K-12 EdTech Innovation Grant
MindShareTV InnovateHERs Podcast Series Episode 3 with Co-author Dr. Barbara "Bobbi" Kurshan along with guests Maia Sharpley and Lisa Green Hall featured in her book for an inspirational conversation on leadership, mentorship and entrepreneurial fundraising & investment strategies. Join
Dr. Kurshan in Person at the Canadian EdTech Leadershp Summit along with Co-Author Kathy Hurley for an in-depth session on their book
CAN/AM Spotlight 
The New Abnormal: new study finds post-secondary students struggling to manage mental health, September 2022

 Quote of the Week  

Educators play a foundational role in our children’s lives and help them grow into thriving adults. During my time as a teacher, I met so many outstanding educators who dedicate their lives to inspiring the next generation of leaders in classrooms right across the country. To the teachers and educators we are recognizing today, I would like to say thank you for everything you do and congratulations.

– The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, on announcing PM’s Awards for their dedication and commitment to students Teaching Excellence and Teaching Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).
C21 Canada Spotlight
Book of the Week
The current news landscape is driven by clicks, with every social media influencer, trained and citizen journalists chasing the same goal: a viral story. In this environment, where the race to be first on the scene with the most sensational story often overshadows the need for accuracy, traditional strategies for determining information credibility are no longer enough. Rather than simply helping students become savvy information consumers, today’s educators must provide learners with the skills to be digital detectives – information interrogators who are armed with a variety of tools for dissecting news stories and determining what’s real and what isn’t in our “post-truth world.”

K-12 Top News Stories 
1. Brighter prospects with flexible, on-demand education, September 23, 2022
If change is the only constant in life, then 21st-century challenges such as globalization and the COVID-19 pandemic have served to turbo-charge the pace of change and innovation.
Think messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines that instruct our cells how to make a protein that triggers an immune response and web-based conferencing platforms that enabled many to work from home seemingly overnight. More than ever, staying successful in both the professional and personal spheres against the backdrop of fast-evolving conditions requires lifelong learning.
2. Top educators across Canada receive Prime Minister’s Awards for their dedication and commitment to students, September 28, 2022
Every day, Canada’s world-class educators provide the students in their care with the building blocks—the skills, tools and experiences—they need to become thriving adults in Canada’s innovation economy.
Today, the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced Canada’s 72 top educators receiving this year’s Prime Minister Awards for Teaching Excellence and Teaching Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and for Excellence in Early Childhood Education at the regional and national levels. These awards celebrate the people who are contributing to Canada’s culture of curiosity by inspiring young people to reflect, to question and to challenge.
3. Winnipeg high school students succeed in creation of outdoor Indigenous classroom, September 15, 2022
Oak Park High School has been working on the project for nearly 4 years. Nearly four years in the making, Winnipeg's Oak Park High School has opened a new outdoor Indigenous classroom that will be available to students, staff and the community.
The occasion was marked with a ceremony Thursday afternoon. Class of 2021 graduate Jodi Fourre was one of the early advocates for the creation of a space for Indigenous students, after founding the student Medicine Wheel Committee.
4. InkSmith and the Faculty of Education at Wilfrid Laurier University launch "Mission on the Moon", September 28, 2022
Mission on the Moon is a collaborative project between Education Technology company, InkSmith, and the Faculty of Education at Wilfrid Laurier University. Funded in part by the Canadian Space Agency, the project aims to deliver lunar rover and space-themed STEM programming for Canadian youth in grades 6 to 9.
The Mission on the Moon bundle includes a series of space-themed coding and robotics modules, available in both virtual coding and physical hardware options. The Mission on the Moon bundle also comes with an Educator course which includes curriculum connections and all of the classroom-ready presentation materials for seamless delivery.
5. ICTC Launches Jump-Starting Digital Careers To Help Prepare Youth For Tomorrow’s Economy, September 27, 2022
Ottawa, September 27, 2022—Today, the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) announced its Jump-Starting Digital Careers Initiative program to improve job preparedness for youth in an increasingly digital-led economy and recovery.
Jump-Starting Digital Careers is part of the Government of Canada’s CanCode 3.0 program. It continues the success and momentum of ICTC’s previous CanCode initiatives for students and teachers. This new initiative will include personalized industry coaching and mentoring, CyberDays, and introduce an innovative virtual lifelong learning platform.

Post-Secondary Top News 
6. Indigenous creators are ready for their close-up with technology September 23, 2022
Canada wants to be a global tech leader and big things have been happening on that front in recent years. Indigenous Nations want to be global tech leaders, too — and, in fact, we always have been.

Indigenous technology is based on sustainability, universal access and education: from canoes to pyramids, from roads and bridges to cities and trade networks, from teepees that withstood blizzards to nail-free plank longhouses that withstood ocean gales. We managed millions of square miles of land and water, providing the good life for millions of people while protecting waterways and forests and non-human beings.
7. Seneca launches a transformative approach to accessing student services September 27, 2022
The Service Hub combines the latest technology with innovative practices for supporting students.
TORONTO, Sept. 27, 2022 /CNW/ - Seneca students now can access services and support on nine distinct channels, thanks to The Service Hub, a creative new service delivery model that is the first-of-its-kind in postsecondary education.
Seneca is providing students the critical information and support they need to be successful with the most advanced virtual student service system in Canada. This includes more self-service options and interactive sessions with student service experts to get them the help they need – online or in person.
8. ApplyBoard Ranks #5 on LinkedIn’s 2022 Top Startups List in Canada September 28, 2022
ApplyBoard is excited to share that we’ve ranked #5 on LinkedIn’s 2022 Top Startups List in Canada!
Top Startups is “an annual ranking of the emerging startups to work for—globally.” The list, “created by the LinkedIn News team, uses a combination of exclusive platform data and editorial expertise to identify new companies that are growing fast and recruiting top talent.” This is the fourth consecutive year that ApplyBoard has been included on the list. Earlier this year, ApplyBoard celebrated seven years of helping to Educate the World, so this recognition is especially poignant as it’s the last year that we’re eligible.
9. Venture for Canada receives an additional $23.2 million in funding from The Government of Canada September 15, 2022
Venture for Canada (VFC), where Canada’s next entrepreneurs are cultivated, announced it received $23.23 million in additional funding from the Government of Canada.  The funding received by VFC will support 6,097 students to participate in VFC’s programs over the next two years. 
VFC’s programs provide Canadian post-secondary students with the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills through working at small and medium-sized businesses. Students participating in VFC’s programs gain practical work experience, receive entrepreneurial skills training, and connect with peers. 
These programs are funded by – and funded in part by – the Government of Canada’s Student Work placement Program and the Innovative Work-Integrated Learning Initiative.
Venture for Canada is committed to disproportionately serving individuals underrepresented in Canada’s entrepreneurial ecosystems, focusing on equity, diversity, and inclusion. So far in 2022, 70.5% of VFC’s participants identify as being BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Colour), newcomers, folks with disabilities, students living in rural communities, 2SLGBTQ and/or women studying STEM (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics).
10. Investing in Indigenous post-secondary learning
Government of Alberta, September 30, 2022
As part of a $5-million investment from Alberta's government, up to $3.25 million will be used to increase the programs and seats for Indigenous learners at First Nations colleges and public post-secondary institutions.
To ensure Indigenous learners have the skills they need to succeed in today's growing economy, up to $1 million will go to workforce development initiatives. The department will engage with stakeholders to gain their perspectives on how this funding can best be used to support learners.
Professional Learning Events 
13th Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit 
October 19-20, 2022                  
CIO's Future of Work Summit North America: Leading in Disruptive Times
September 28, 2022                           
SETDA Leadership Summit and Ed Forum Conference
November 6-9, 2022                           
2022 Annual NYSCATE Conference Events
November 19-22, 2022                           
IT4K12 Conference 2022 
November 25-26, 2022                           
FETC Conference
Janurary 23-26, 2022                  

Teacher/Parent Resources Corner 

Parent Teaching Resources 
1. Canadian Minor STEAM Association
The Canadian Minor STEAM Association (CMSA) is a national network making science, technology, engineering, art and math a new sport for kids!
2. How this teacher uses TikTok to educate and entertain students
Some pandemic-era solutions have staying power, even as in-person classes return.
One day while teaching her Grade 1 class, Sharon Saw heard a story from a student that she knew she had to share. "He goes, 'Did you know that I can eat a whole box of popsicles all by myself?'" the Edmonton teacher recalled.
3. STEAM Hub x FIRST Canada
Proudly Sponsored by First Canada and CanCode. For Grades 4-9.
Get started with coding and STEM with a FREE virtual workshop and online course for your class! Join us LIVE with your class to get hands-on with coding as we explore some of our favourite tools including Scratch, MakeCode Arcade, and Micro:Bit! Our expert instructors will lead you and your class through a fully curriculum-connected, hands-on learning journey like you’ve never seen. 
Best of all, you also get FREE access to our online STEAM Hub course that matches with your workshop topic so you can continue to deepen your learning. All STEAM Hub courses have 20+ hours of learning content including full video lessons, hands-on projects, career connections, quizzes, discussion posts, and more. Access to your STEAM Hub course will include 1 teacher and 35 anonymous student accounts and will continue until June 30, 2023.

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